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Anton, CFO & Partner at Howzat gives you a detailed insight into our Start-up Fundraising MasterClass - MVP Edition, outlining the structure & curriculum as well as introducing your coaches to you.

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Start-ups about working with us ...

As founders and like many other founders out there, we found the world of raising VC capital a confusing and challenging experience, with many people willing to offer the advice but very few with the knowledge required to give it. It was refreshing to work with Anton, Cassian, Simon and the team at Howzat Ennea since they have a deep expertise of the VC world having sat on both sides of the table. The time spent with them provided a huge amount of clarity for us, and I would imagine that it would do the same for many other founders..

Craig & Angus
CEO / CFO - holibob.tech

I highly recommend working with Howzat Ennea. They have an extraordinary network and lots of expertise. They know what it feels like to be in your shoes because they were founders as well.  They work fast like a startup and can definitely keep up with your pace.  When things go south they stay calm and figure out solutions with you.  And they challenge you hard, so that you're able to reach the next level as a founder.

Overall, they are great people you like to go for dinner with.

Dominic von Proeck
CEO -  Punk Inc. & Brainscent

About Howzat Ennea

Howzat Ennea is a European investment and consultancy firm. We partner with excellent founders and teams to build, scale and establish outstanding technology companies.

Through our Luxemburg based fund Howzat Partners we have been investing in close to 100 seed and mid-stage start-ups globally over the past two decades.

But we are not only investors. We have been founders ourselves. We have succeeded - and of course, also failed - to build, run and exit companies.

Brief overview of our topics

  • Pre Fundraising

  • Fundraising process

  • Post Fundraising 

Pre Fundraising - Building the foundation of a fundable company

There are quite a few guidelines founders should follow when setting up a company - not all of them are applicable to all start-ups. However, it is crucial to be aware of the correct setup of a company from the very beginning - and of the possible consequences.

It is part of every founder's journey to make painful mistakes - but there are a lot of mistakes that can be avoided. It is often these mistakes that ultimately make it very hard to raise venture capital. 

Our sessions on the pre fundraising phase will cover the following main topics:

How to assemble a founding team

There are hundreds of questions when setting up a founding team and often there is no universal right or wrong at this early stage. However, there are certain factors that should be considered carefully in order to avoid future problems, such as a clear division of responsibilities/rolesa mutually shared vision and the necessary skill set needed to execute on it.

There must be clarity on how to distribute shares among the founding team and - even though this might seem premature - how to deal with the potential departure of a co-founder.

How to get to a proof of concept

Prior to raising capital from professional investors, a first proof of concept is usually a prerequisite.  MasterClass participants will hear the personal stories of experienced founders and will be taught by those who have already gone through that process successfully. 

There are many mistakes that can be avoided and valuable learnings that can save time, money and frustration.

What legal set up to use

A topic many founders do not give enough attention at this stage is the legal set up. There are various aspects that need to be considered when setting up a company. Often times such mistakes are only noticed very late and are then terribly hard to correct.

What Others say about us

As a young team of founders, we did not know what VCs place great value on. With Howzat Ennea, we were able to sharpen our understanding of specific sub-areas and thereby considerably increase our overall VC readiness.  As a SaaS startup, the inputs have helped us enormously, especially in the areas of business modeling and financial planning. Apart from learning a lot from them, we also very much enjoyed working with them on a personal level. In fact, we established a long-term collaboration with them, which is still ongoing.  

Albert Vogl-Bader

CEO carployee.com

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